‘Unspeakably Reptilian’: Critics Rip Apart Alec Baldwin For Disgusting Comment Found Inside Court Docs

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In a shocking development, actor Alec Baldwin now claims that cinematographer Halyna Hutchins asked for the gun to be pointed at her during the filming of the movie “Rust.”

Court documents were filed on Friday using this “despicable defense.” NY Post reporter Maureen Callahan has covered the case in detail.

Baldwin appears to be blaming his victim for her tragic death by claiming she told him to cock the gun that killed her.

Despite facing mulitple lawsuits, Baldwin still found time to purchase a $1.75 million Vermont farmhouse.

However, it appears that Baldwin’s words are quickly catching up to him as blatant contradictions are surfacing.

During a highly publicized interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Baldwin previously claimed that he did not point the gun at anyone or pull the trigger.

“I would never point a gun at anyone,” Baldwin had proclaimed to ABC, “and pull the trigger at them. Never.”

This clearly contracts page 20 of the court filing shared by Deadline as Baldwin now says he was directed to point the gun at Hutchins. “She [Hutchins] directed Baldwin to hold the gun higher, to a point where it was directed toward her,” the document reads.

Baldwin is now being hammered as a “liar” and “coward” over the situation.

Halyna Hutchins’ widower, Matthew, has reportedly changed his demeanor “from amenable to vengeful.”

Baldwin also claims in the court documents that his contract indemnifies him for any damages. He believes that he’s not responsible for the shooting.

More on this story via Biz Pac Review:

Callahan could not repress her disgust, writing, “Alec Baldwin is a liar and a coward. Blaming the dead — how unspeakably reptilian. Baldwin also claims that it was Hutchins who directed him to pull back the hammer on the gun.”

Far from the well-oiled machine that Baldwin claimed the film was, it seemed actually a tragedy waiting to happen. The LA Times reported that there had been no less than three accidental shootings on the set before Hutchins was killed. The outlet also reported on a lack of safety protocols and a penchant for cutting corners as well as an inexperienced armorer and an overworked crew. Six of the crew walked off the set the morning that Hutchins was shot due to unsafe conditions.

“The gun used by Baldwin,” the filing reads, “discharged a live round.”

“Yes, an inanimate object pointed itself and ‘discharged’ — such a softer verb than ‘fired’ — the bullet that killed a young wife and mother,” Callahan caustically commented.