‘Big Wake-Up Call’: Mark Wahlberg Explains What Happened at Age 16 to Draw Him Closer to Jesus

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Mark Wahlberg is a very successful actor, producer, and businessman. More importantly, he uses his massive platform and social following to encourage others in their Christian faith.

Wahlberg undoubtedly has a lot to be proud of, including countless multiple accolades, but he appears to be most proud of his son Michael’s decision to seek a relationship with God.

At 16 years old, Wahlberg says he had a “big wake-up call” when he went to jail after being charged with attempted murder for attacking a man outside a convenience store. He was convicted of felon assault.

His life turnaround at that moment. “A lot of people go to God when they get into trouble,” Wahlberg said. “When I heard the jail doors close behind me, I knew that was just the beginning for me.”

Today, as a devout Catholic, Wahlberg is celebrating his 16-year-old son’s Confirmation, which is a sacrament in the Catholic Faith whereby the Holy Spirit helps strengthen Christians in their walk with Jesus Christ.

“Good morning from Europe,” Wahlberg began. “I just got down on my hands and my knees to express my gratitude on a beautiful day. Congratulations to my son Michael for making his confirmation.”

“All the young people out there who are confirmed and taking their relationship with the Lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys have made. Congratulations to all of you,” he said.

Mark told fans that he uses a mobile phone app called “Hallow” in order to listen to prayer. Watch the clip:

In April, he encouraged everyone to pray. “I’m here on the set, and I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people who have been praying every day and finding peace,” Wahlberg said in April.

“And especially, sending wonderful messages about doing the Rosary with me on the Hallow app. If you haven’t yet, go to the Hallow app. Let’s do the Rosary together and stay prayed up. You’ve got to stay prayed up. God bless you.”

RedState notes how Wahlberg doesn’t embrace “a typical Hollywood message” because “he’s not a typical Hollywood actor”:

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Wahlberg credits his faith and the Church for helping him turn his life around. And he appears to be moving toward a more outspoken stance — Easter weekend saw the debut of his partially-self-funded Christian film Father Stu.

Our culture isn’t exactly tumbling toward Christianity, and that’s even more true of Tinseltown.

Back to Mark’s Sunday celebration, his caption credited wife Rhea:

“So proud of this young man. Congrats, buddy!! Even though mommy deserves most of the credit. Thanks, babe.”

The Boston-born star also had something else to be thankful for:

“And also, I just got an alert that the Celtics won. Lots of prayers answered today. God bless you, God bless you all.”