‘Extremely Generous’: Shaq Treats Entire Restaurant By Picking Up Tab Costing Over $25,000

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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently paid for a whole restaurant to eat dinner the other night.

He reportedly picked up the tab of $25,000 at the eatery in New York City. He asked the 40 tables of patrons to keep it a secret until he left the restaurant.

Appearing with an unidentified woman, whom he referred to as “my date,” Shaq dined at the Chelsea hotspot Jue Lan Club.

“And to top that off, he paid for everyone’s check [who was] dining at the restaurant,” a source told PageSix.

“Well over $25,000,” a source explained about the bill. Shaq was “extremely generous” to the restaurant staff.

“He left them the biggest tip they’ve ever received,” the source added.

This is the first time the Shaq showed how generous he is. Back in February, he surprised the Collins family of 11 with not one, but two new cars.

He recently unveiled a newly refurbished basketball court at a boys and girls club where he used to be as a child in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

“This court is for you guys,” Shaq said at the time. “You guys can just come out here and follow your dreams, and take it from me, you can be whatever you want to be. I’m you — I’m not the guy that was the smartest in school. I’m not the guy that was most popular. I’m you. We come from the same place.”

“Today Shaq blessed us like never before,” the Collins family responded to the new cars. “Last night we had a surprise visit from Shaq. He took us to dinner as a family at babes chicken. It was so much fun to just hang out and eat dinner with him.”

Daily Wire notes:

The post noted how Shaq even foot the bill for another table’s meal before he ended up tipping the waitress “$1000 after her car broke down today.”

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“And then today! He started the day off by taking us to the Mercedes dealership to get us a new family 15 passenger van,” the family’s post read.

The family later shared that when he saw the state of the husband’s truck, which has “been without air-conditioning and heat for a while,” the former NBA star “took us to a Ford dealership and blessed us with another truck.”