BREAKING: Man crashes burning vehicle into US Capitol barricade, begins firing gun, shoots himself

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An unidentified man set his car on fire and drove into a U.S. Capitol barricade before exiting his vehicle and proceeded to fire his weapon indiscriminately.

The report has been confirmed by multiple sources, including PBS News Correspondent Lisa Desjardins.

“Multiple sources tell me overnight a man set his car on fire and drove into a barricade near the U.S. Capitol,” Desjardins said. “He started shooting indiscriminately, ultimately shot and killed himself.”

“One source tells me no one else injured,” Desjardins added, but noted that Capitol Police have not confirmed the details.

“I have no information on the identity or possible motivations of the shooter,” she said.

Capitol Police have undergone an exhausting few months due to threats against the Supreme Court and Congress.

There were no reported injuries aside from the driver.

More from Fox News:

The man’s motive in the incident is unknown. The incident reportedly lasted only a matter of moments, and officers did not have time to return fire before the man turned his weapon on himself.

The incident comes more than a year after another vehicle crashed into a Capitol barricade in 2021, killing one police officer and wounding another.

The attack killed officer Billy Evans and sent the Capitol Hill Police Department “reeling,” according to the Capitol Police union.

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