Furious EV Owners Post Videos Of their Expensive Cars ‘Failing To Work In The Cold’ Amid Freezing Blizzard Conditions

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In blizzard conditions around the U.S., angry Tesla owners have been sharing videos of their vehicles failing to start.

Numerous Tesla owners have reported being unable to access their vehicles due to frozen door handles.

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Meteorologist Rachel Modestino says she experienced the problem firsthand. When temperatures reached roughly 5º F, the car’s door latch failed to function.

Modestino’s video of the problem went viral on social media. It received 10.1 million views on Twitter.

“Bet ya didn’t think of ice in the Tesla design,” she says in the video.

More on this story via Breitbart:

Modestino’s viral tweet sparked a response from both Tesla critics and supporters. Some offered their support and suggestions on how to open the frozen door, including using the car’s accompanying app to remotely unlatch it. Others took the opportunity to criticize Tesla, with one person writing, “You shouldn’t need to use Twitter to learn how to use your expensive car.”

Another stated: “You shouldn’t need a car cover to get into your expensive car. Every other car company has had this figured out for decades but people just keep making excuses for Tesla because they’re in the cult of Elon.”

Tesla’s electronic door handles have been subject to criticism and safety concerns for years. In May, Breitbart News reported on a Canadian man who was forced to kick out the window of his Tesla to escape it after a battery fire rendered the electronic door handle inoperable.

Firefighters in Vancouver, Canada, are investigating a car fire involving a Tesla after an electrical malfunction caused the vehicle doors to lock shut, trapping the driver inside as smoke began pouring in through vents. The driver kicked out a window to escape from Elon Musk’s electric vehicle.