Chilling Phone Call From Pelosi’s Alleged Attacker To TV Station

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Paul Pelosi’s attacker David DePape called a California Fox news station and claimed to have an “important message.”

The 42-year-old told Americans “you’re welcome” for attacking Mr. Pelosi and that he’s “sorry I didn’t get more of them.”

DePape faces numerous charges, including attempted murder, elder abuse, and kidnapping.

“Liberty isn’t dying, it’s being killed systematically and deliberately,” DePape said.

“People killing it have names and addresses, so I got their names and addresses so I could pay them a little visit … have a heart to heart chat about their bad behavior,” he said.

“I want to apologize to everyone,” he continued. “I messed up. What I did was really bad. I’m so sorry I didn’t get more of them.”

“It’s my own fault. No one else is to blame. I should have come better prepared,” he said.

Police bodycam footage was released of the Paul Pelosi hammer attack on October 28th, 2022. The footage is roughly two minutes long.

Suspect David DePape is seen standing at the front door with Mr. Pelosi in his underwear. When police ask DePape to drop the hammer, he swings it at Pelosi.

“What’s going on man?” an officer asks.

“Everything is good,” DePape responds.

“Drop the hammer.” the officer then says.

“Umm, nope,” DePape responds before swinging it at Pelosi.

“Oh, sh**!” one of the officers says as police burst into the home.

He later allegedly admitted to the FBI that was planning on shattering Nancy Pelosi’s kneecaps because he says she’s a liar. She wasn’t home at the time of the attack.

More from Fox News:

One portion of the footage shows police knocking on the door of Pelosi’s home, before the door opens to reveal Paul Pelosi and suspect David DePape.

DePape has pleaded not guilty to all state charges in the case, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. He also has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of assaulting an immediate family member of a federal official and attempted kidnapping of a federal officer for the alleged home invasion.

The 42-year-old was arrested for allegedly attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer inside the Pelosis’ San Francisco home. Rep. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, D.C., at the time.

Fox News was among the news organizations pushing for the video’s release.

When San Francisco police arrived at the home around 2:30 a.m., they found Pelosi in his pajamas and the intruder wearing shorts, sneakers and a sweatshirt, according to court filings.

The encounter lasted just 15 seconds from when Pelosi opened the door for officers to when the hammer attack took place, according to the filing, and was recorded on the body-worn cameras of two responding officers.

“The two officers opened the door to see the foyer of the Pelosi Residence, Mr. Pelosi, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, DEPAPE in shorts, running shoes and a sweatshirt, and DEPAPE and Mr. Pelosi jointly gripping a hammer,” an indictment read.