Devastating Blow to Transgender Movement: Republicans Pass Bill To Ban Trans Procedures For Minors

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Republicans are taking major action to protect young children.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for children, who may not fully understand the long-term consequences, to undergo transgender surgery or puberty blockers.

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In Utah, Republicans have successfully passed a bill that bans transgender procedures on minors. Republican Governor Spencer Cox is expected to sign the bill.

Other states are also looking to pass similar legislation.

Utah Republican Michael Kennedy said, “Our country is witnessing a radical and dangerous push for children to enter this version of health care.”

Kennedy argued that transgender surgeries for children “lack sufficient long-term research.”

The bill passed 58-14 in the Republican-controlled House.

Republican Katy Hall said, “For me as a mother and a grandmother and as a nurse? I have a vested interest as all of us do in the health and wellbeing of Utah’s children.”

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If approved by the governor, the bill will immediately go into effect. However, it would not stop teens already on puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones from continuing their current procedures.

In certain situations, medical providers could also be sued for malpractice over hormonal treatments.

Democrats and LGBTQ groups opposed the bill, saying that transgender procedures, which include performing double mastectomies on teen girls, are “life-saving healthcare.”

“As Democrats, we stand in firm opposition to any legislation that restricts access to life-saving health care for our most vulnerable youth,” Democrat senators said in a group statement. “Additionally, we believe everyone should have the ability to amend their birth certificates to accurately display their name and identity without excessive barriers and intrusion from government.”

Other states, such as Tennessee and Montanna, are also looking at proposed bills to ban pediatric medical gender transitions. The bills come as transgender procedures, which have significant long-term effects, have exploded among minors.