LeBron James Faces Major Backlash After Cheering on Accused Sex Offender Who Allegedly Assaulted Two Dozen Women

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LeBron James tweeted a congratulatory comment to Deshaun Watson of the Browns as they were beating the Commanders.

James tweeted, in reference to Watson, that he is “getting his rhythm back.”

Watson has been accused of more than 20 incidents of sexual assault or sexual harassment from multiple women, dating back to 2019.

The NFL’s investigation into the quarterback is still ongoing. Despite these allegations and the investigation, LeBron is taking a stand and supporting Watson.

The first allegation against Watson came on March 16, 2021 from Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee who filed a civil suit on behalf of a massage therapist.

She alleges that Watson sexually assaulted her during a massage session in March of 2020. Watson allegedly touched the woman with his penis before asking for sex.

Other NFL players called the therapist after Watson recommended her.

Lately, LeBron James has become better known as a radical left-wing activist as opposed to an NBA superstar. He said he will not support the Dallas Cowboys because the team does not allow disrespectful kneeling during the National Anthem.

Twitter users picked up on this and called James out for showing support for Watson, who has been accused of sexually assaulting or harassing two dozen women.