Tucker Carlson Shares New Theory On Jeffrey Epstein – Says Republicans Should Investigate Alleged Suicide

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has a new theory on the death of Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly committed suicide.

During his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson called on Republicans to open an investigation into the alleged suicide.

Epstein was found dead in his cell while he was being held on sex trafficking charges.

Carlson said, “It’s all very strange, and the story gets much stranger once you start pressing a little bit. We’ve pressed pretty hard for the last few days on this question, not because we have any special affection for Jeffrey Epstein.”

“We’ve pressed because you don’t want to live in a country where it’s possible to murder people in federal lockup, cover up the killings, and then get away with them. That’s scary.”

Carlson added, “That should not be allowed in this or any other civilized place, but in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, it appears that it was allowed and on one level, you can see why it was. This is one of those crimes that have no natural constituency pushing to solve it.”

Carlson concluded, “For moving on four years now, there has never been an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death, the death of an American citizen. Now, we can only speculate as to why that is, but all the explanations are bad and ominous.”

“Maybe someone in the new Republican Congress should look into all of this, not because Jeffrey Epstein was an American hero, but because for once it would be nice to see the federal government forced to tell the truth about something.”

“But the chief medical examiner in New York City, Dr. Barbara Sampson, released a statement saying that, after an autopsy and a ‘careful review of all investigative information,’ she had determined the cause of Mr. Epstein’s death was “hanging” and the manner was ‘suicide.’”

“It’s not clear if Epstein, who killed himself in his jail cell in 2019, actually met or interacted with Clinton during his other visits, and the former president wasn’t in the building for at least a few of Epstein’s trips there, the Mail said.”

“The visitor logs, obtained by the Mail through a request with the Clinton Presidential library, showed Epstein first visiting the White House on Feb. 25, 1993 – a little more than a month after the Democrat first took office. During that visit, his destination was listed as WW — apparently the West Wing – and his invitation was issued by Rubin, according to the report,” the New York Post reported.

“Clinton has denied any knowledge of Epstein’s sexual misdeeds, but had maintained ties with him over the years and was said to have been a passenger on Epstein’s private jet several times, including once in 2002 when the ex-president was photographed with one of Epstein’s eventual rape accusers. Maxwell attended the 2010 wedding of Clinton’s daughter Chelsea,” the outlet added.