College Basketball Players Face Dire Punishment After Kneeling During National Anthem

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College basketball palyers were suspended for kneeling during the National Anthem, according to The BizPac Review.

Bluefield College players were suspended by school President David Olive forcing the team to forfeit to Reinhardt.

“The basis for my decision stemmed from my own awareness of how kneeling is perceived by some in our country, and I did not think a number of our alumni, friends, and donors of the College would view the act of kneeling during the anthem in a positive way,” Olive said.

“I have heard and I understand the perspective of our players as to why they desire to kneel during the National Anthem.”

“I also know this form of protest immediately shuts down a number of individuals from listening to the intended message because of their perspective regarding the flag.”

“No individual’s sincere motives are inherently wrong. But I continue to contend that we will not get to where we want AND NEED to get as a country in addressing these racial issues without making honest attempts at creating pathways that bring people together for a common cause,” he added.

“It’s bigger than us, and we don’t want to have the season taken away from us,” Bluefield forward Stanley Christian told ESPN. “We feel like we’re in a great position to bring this school a title. So we’ll stay in the locker room during the national anthem. They don’t want any more backlash, and we would definitely take a knee during the anthem.”

“We are a private entity, not a governmental entity,” Olive said in a statement. “We have policies and guidelines throughout the student handbook and the academic catalog that limit certain rights you otherwise might have elsewhere, such as in your home or in a public venue.”

From The BizPacReview:

He added that the team would continue protesting against alleged police brutality and racial injustices in a different manner.

Players voiced frustration with Olive, accusing him of violating their First Amendment rights. But he pushed back on those allegations.