Elon Musk Announces Major Plans For Texas — You’ll Love It

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Back in 2021, Elon Musk became fed up with California and officially moved the Tesla headquarters to Texas.

In fact, significant portions of Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring Company are operating in Texas.

Doubling down on his plans, Musk is planning to create a town — eventually maybe a city – for his employees.

This plan is called “Project Amazing” and it will be developed nearby the Austin area.

Musk reportedly controls about 6,000 acres through limited liability corporations linked to him or his associates.

A county application is underway and includes streets such as “Boring Boulevard,” “Cutterhead Crossing,” “Waterjet Way,” and “Porpoise Place.”

Musk reportedly spends his personal time living with a friend in Austin until his planned Texas residential compound is complete.

A new housing development is under construction called Snailbrook, which is southeast of Austin.

“Snailbrook” come from Musk’s Boring Company which is developing a tunnel drilling machine that could move faster than a snail.

More on this story via Western Journal:

Then there’s the Tesla car plant called the “Giga” factory – 10 million square feet being built near Austin in Travis County. SpaceX and Boring are building warehousing facilities near the planned housing development.

A year ago, an internal company advertisement said Boring employees would be able to rent two- or three-bedroom homes for as little as $800 a month, a substantial savings from median local rates of $2,200.

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Modular homes, a gym and facilities for outdoor sports are already on-site, along with signs reading: “welcome, snailbrook, tx, est. 2021.”

Musk is one of the more prominent individuals of the many who have fled California in recent years. Boring and Tesla were headquartered in California, but “overregulation, overlitigation, overtaxation,” drove them to Texas, Musk said in late 2021, per The Journal.