Hollywood Actress Sued For $300K For Allegedly Causing ‘Permanent Traumatic Brain Injury’

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Hollywood A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow is accused of causing major health problems as a result of a ski accident in 206.

Terry Sanderson says he was hit by Paltrow from behind, causing “4 broken rips, permanent traumatic brain injury, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.”

Paltrow is fighting the case and reportedly plans to take the stand in her own defense.

The lawsuit against Paltrow is for $300,000. Terry Sanderson, who filed the suit, is a retired optometrist.

The accident occurred at Deer Valley resort in Utah.

Paltrow has filed a countersuit and claims Sanderson skied into her.

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“Paltrow got up, turned and skied away, leaving Sanderson stunned, lying in the snow, seriously injured,” according to the complaint, which was filed in 2019. “A Deer Valley ski instructor, who had been training Ms. Paltrow, but who did not see the crash, skied over, saw the injured Sanderson and skied off, falsely accusing Sanderson of having caused the crash.”

A judge dismissed Sanderson’s original claim of hit-and-run, and the Deer Valley Resort and instructor were removed from the lawsuit.

Paltrow has maintained that Sanderson actually skied into her, and claims she stuck around until given the OK to leave by the Deer Valley Resort ski instructor. The 50-year-old actress also said Sanderson previously admitted he didn’t have a clear memory of the accident.