Wrestling Champ Shares Message About Jesus After Winning on National TV

OPINION | This article contains commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks delivered a powerful post-match interview after winning his third consecutive national title.

ESPN interviewer asked, “How does your strong faith help you on a night like tonight.”

“It’s everything,” Brooks responded. “Christ’s resurrection is everything. Not just His life, but His death and resurrection. You can only get that through Him, the Holy Spirit, only through Him. No false prophets, no Muhammad, no anyone else.”

“Only Jesus Christ Himself,” Brooks added.

The ESPN interviewer attempted to asked about his physical abilities. “Power and finesse, your calling card,” the interviewer said before getting cut off.

“The Holy Spirit,” Brooks said. “Acts Chapter 1 Verse 8,” which refers to gaining strength by receiving the Holy Spirit.

“Holy Spirit. Power. That’s everything. That’s where it’s from,” Brooks said.

“Mom and dad, maybe?” the interviewer asked.

“Little bit of both,” Brooks played along. “But all God.”

“Put in perspective winning three of these in a row, in dominating fashion by the way,” the interviewer said.

“I’m blessed,” Brooks said. “God used me. He gives me this platform for this, right here.”

“When I’m suffering [while] cutting weight, away from my family, it’s all for Him, so it’s all for His glory.”