Alyssa Milano Offers Biden Unsolicited Advice On How to Handle Allegations

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Actress and #MeToo advocate Alyssa Milano wrote and op-ed in attempt to explain her unconditional support of Joe Biden despite the recent developments in the sexual assault allegations made against him.

Milano wrote the article and titled it, “Living in the Gray as a Woman,” according to Fox News.

In her piece, she stated that in some cases, it’s obvious, Weinstein and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She wrote Kavanaugh’s “actions, told consistently over decades by his victim (and supported by her polygraph results), were clearly wrong.”

Kavanaugh denied the allegations.

She continued to write about her concern of advocates seeing things as black and white.

“Except it’s not always so easy, and living in the gray areas is something we’re trying to figure out in the world of social media. But here’s something social media doesn’t afford us– nuance,” Milano wrote.

“The world is gray. And as uncomfortable as that makes people, gray is where the real change happens. Black and white is easy. Gray is the place women can come together out of the glare of the election and speak our truths, our doubts, our hopes, our convictions and test them against the light and the dark,” she wrote.

She noted that in the ideal world, it would be a woman to challenge President Trump this November, “instead of an electoral college which says white men are the people driving the charge yet again this year.”

She wrote that the accusations against Biden “concern me, deeply,” but that Biden is someone “who I can’t picture doing any of the things of which he’s accused.”

She then lent some unsolicited advice to the presumptive Democratic nominee, “I’d advise him to face the allegation head-on, answer every question, and admit any wrongdoing, and to be the example for all men who face these kinds of accusations whether founded or not.”

Milano then addressed Reade, who she only referred to as “his accuser,” and how she believed every survivor should “have space to tell their story” but cautioned her not to be “fodder for the machine.”

“Believing women was never about ‘Believe all women no matter what they say,’ it was about changing the culture of NOT believing women by default. It was about ending the patriarchy’s dangerous drive for self-preservation at all costs, victims be damned,” Milano continued to explain her dismissal of Reade.

“I think we need to compare how she responded to Brett Kavanaugh… quite different than the talking points she [used] regarding Joe Biden,” Reade told Fox News. “She never reached out to me. I don’t really want to amplify her voice because I feel like she hijacked my narrative for a while and framed it about herself… she knows nothing about it.”

More from Fox News:

Milano “only knows Joe Biden, so she doesn’t know me and has never talked to me. So, how could she possibly talk about the case?” Reade asked.

In response to Milano calling for “due process” for men accused of sexual assault, Reade said, “she really doesn’t know anything about what happened to me,” calling it “odd” that she would weigh in on an assault claim when she never attempted to seek information from the accuser.

“I don’t know what her role is. She’s not really a professional helping women. She was basically talking about protecting powerful men the last time she made a statement,” Reade said. “It’s just the complete opposite of how she approached Brett Kavanaugh, so it’s kind of weird and strange and I think she’s just looking for ways to be relevant.”

Milano appeared to change her stance on Reade’s claims on Monday night after more corroboration surfaced.

“I’m aware of the new developments in Tara Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden. I want Tara, like every other survivor, to have the space to be heard and seen without being used as fodder,” Milano tweeted before writing her op-ed. “I hear and see you, Tara.”

Representatives for Milano did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.