Black LAPD Officer Writes Open Letter To LeBron James: ‘Irresponsible And Disturbing’ Points Out Hypocrisy

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Deon Joseph, a black LAPD Officer wrote an open letter to Lebron James following his recent outburst, according to Fox News.

James said “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY,” after Ma’Khia Bryant was shot by a police officer for attempting to stab someone.

“Your tweet that targeted a police officer in Ohio who saved a young woman’s life was irresponsible and disturbing.”

“It showed a complete lack of understanding of the challenge of our job in the heat of a moment.”

“You basically put a target on the back of a human being who had to make a split-second decision to save a life from a deadly attack.”

“But you cannot paint 800,000 men and women who are of all races, faiths, sexual orientations and are also mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, preachers, coaches, community members and just human with such a broad and destructive brush.”

“The offer is on the table LeBron. No cameras. No fanfare.”

“Just two men who care talking. I know it’s a long shot. But this division and hatred must stop.

HGTV stated, “A hard-working police officer and his family are committed to a life dedicated to service, but have neglected their own home in the process.”

“To give back, this ordinary ranch home is renovated into a modern beach resort-like retreat.”

More from Fox News:

A Black Los Angeles police officer who has worked in the city’s Skid Row area for two decades invited LeBron James to have a discussion about policing following a much-criticized tweet from the Lakers star related to the fatal police shooting of a teenage girl.

Deon Joseph, a 24-year veteran of the LAPD, posted a letter to his Facebook page Sunday addressed to James where he called his stance on policing “off base and extreme.”

James has frequently spoken out against racism and police misconduct in recent years.

He came under fire last week after tweeting an image of a Columbus, Ohio police officer following the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot by an officer as she was attacking another teen with a knife.

Joseph acknowledged that, like James, he also tired of Black people dying and hates racism and police brutality.
said that police officers and communities must come together to “build bridges to save lives on all sides.”

Joseph has worked in Los Angeles’ Skid Row area and with its homeless population for 20 years, FOX Los Angeles reported. The area is the epicenter of the region’s homelessness crisis and is plagued by tent encampments, crime and drug use.

Recently, HGTV Home Makeover renovated Joseph’s home in Long Beach that he shares with his wife and three sons, the news station reported.