Breaking: Israel Hit With Rocket Barrage On Passover

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Israel is under attack as the nation begins its celebration of Passover.

Militants in Gaza fired seven rockets into Israel. All seven rockets exploded in midair.

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Israeli forces have implemented strong air defenses that help to track and destroy rockets. However, some rockets can escape the air defense.

Muslims have protested at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which resides on the foundations of the Jewish temple mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

Israeli authorities allow access to the mosque, but many Muslim visitors have attempted to stay overnight, which isn’t allowed.

At night, when Israeli authorities attempt to clear out the area, Muslims at the mosque have responded with rocks and fireworks. This has led to violent interactions and hundreds of arrests.

More from Fox News:

The Israeli air force struck a Hamas weapons facility on Wednesday after a particularly violent night at the mosque saw some 350 people arrested. Israeli police said they had moved in after “several law-breaking youths and masked agitators” barricaded themselves into the mosque and began chanting violent slogans.

“After many and prolonged attempts to get them out by talking to no avail, police forces were forced to enter the compound in order to get them out,” police said.

Last year, the same combination of tensions amid Ramadan and the Passover resulted in an 11-day war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.