Judge Presiding Over Trump Trial Privately Did Biden A Favor. Here’s Proof.

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President Donald Trump says Judge Juan Merchan is biased and privately supports the Democrats’ weaponization of the justice system for political revenge.

Now we have proof. Merchan has been privately doing favors for Biden and the Democrats in recent years by sending personal donations.

In 2020, Merchan sent $15 earmarked for “Biden for President” campaign, according to an investigation report from NY Post and others.

He also sent $10 donations to the Progressive Turnout Project and Stop Republicans in July 2020.

He privately sent money through Act Blue, which is the Democratic Party’s most popular fundraising platform.

Trump says Merchan “hates” him and has an obvious conflict of interest after previously presiding over the case against the Trump Organization and its former CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Weisselberg was found guilty of tax fraud and is currently serving time on Rikers Island.

Trump says Merchan was “hand-picked” by the Democrat district attorney because he “hates me.”

Merchan is accused of “railroading” Trump’s former CFO Allen Weisselberg in the case.

A spokesperson for New York State Courts claims the judge was “absolutely” not hand-pick for the case.

Here’s Trump’s full statement:

Trump said, “The Judge ‘assigned to my Witch Hunt Case, a ‘Case’ that has NEVER BEEN CHARGED BEFORE, HATES ME.”

“His name is Juan Manuel Marchan [sic], was hand picked by Bragg & the Prosecutors, & is the same person who ‘railroaded’ my 75 year old former CFO, Allen Weisselberg, to take a ‘plea’ deal (Plead GUILTY, even if you are not, 90 DAYS, fight us in Court, 10 years (life!) in jail.”

“He strong armed Allen, which a judge is not allowed to do, & treated my companies, which didn’t ‘plead,’ VICIOUSLY. APPEALING!”

The same judge also presided over the tax fraud trial that resulted in the Trump Organization being convicted on multiple charges of conspiracy and falsifying business records.

For the first time in U.S. history, a former president was arraigned on felony charges due to a “corrupt and highly political” criminal investigation in New York.

Trump is accused of paying $130,000 in alleged “hush money” to the then-lawyer of former porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump says the allegations are false and no crime was committed.

Despite the total lack of evidence, Trump says the investigation continues as a result of funding from far-left billionaire George Soros.

A number of people have noted that former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, allegedly committed the same crime, but were never indicted by a grand jury.

During the same time period in 2016, Clinton’s campaign hid a payment for the Russian collusion sham by labeling it “legal fees.” Clinton was never arrested, but instead slapped with a fine. In the 90s, former President Bill Clinton allegedly paid Paula Jones $850,000 and no one batted an eye.

Trump says the case is based on “an old and fully debunked fairytale.” Trump’s lawyer will also likely argue that the five-year statute of limitations for a criminal charge has expired.

This politically motivated attack on former President Donald Trump is unprecedented. The Democrat investigators claim he will be treated like other felony defendants who undergo fingerprinting and a mugshot.