Everyone Should Be Alarmed At Who Visited White House 14 Times Since Biden Took Office

OPINION | This article contains commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

Alexander Soros, the son of radical left-wing billionaire George Soros, has visited the White House a staggering 14 times since President Joe Biden took office.

His father, George, was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 where he lived for 26 years before traveling to the U.S.

He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1961 and eventually became the top Democrat donor by funneling millions to far-left candidates and political initiatives.

The NY Post dubbed Alexander a “de-facto White House ambassador” for his father’s “anti-American agenda.”

In December, Alexander reportedly enjoyed a lavish dinner on the South Lawn of the White House hosted by first lady Jill Biden in order to celebrate a visit from French President Emmanuel Macron.

Visitor logs show that Alexander has met with numerous top-level Biden officials during his visits to the White House.

Mike Howell, the director of the Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation, said, “The Soros agenda is one of death and destruction in the name of open borders and ending Western Civilization. The Biden administration and rogue prosecutor movement may be [its] most damaging purchase in America to date.”

Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, said Alexander Soros has an “aggressive environmental agenda” as well as a desire to undermine our systems of justice and jurisprudence.

“Like his father, he cozies up to White House and congressional leaders willing to do the family’s bidding on such issues as crime, immigration, election policy, and more, as the Soroses exploit every type of giving: money to parties, independent expenditure groups, and so-called charities,” Scott Walter of Capital Research Center said.

More from NY Post:

Soros spent more than $40 million on installing left-wing DAs and other officials in big cities around the country. The candidates he backed and their allies now represent at least one-fifth of Americans and include crime-lovers like Manhattan’s own Alvin “Let ‘Em Loose” Bragg…

Why does Soros — who fled the Soviets and found unimaginable success in a capitalist democracy undergirded by the rule of law and a strong, free press — want to undermine the very system that made him so rich and so powerful? Why is he undermining the very opportunities he enjoyed?

He backs prosecutors who don’t prosecute crooks. He wants a press that asks no hard questions of the powerful (himself above all). He wants universities that teach impressionable kids to hate their country and parents.

Fact is, if Soros were a right-winger, his name would be national news every week. But his politics line up with those of most journos and academics (though not those of most Americans). So the massive impact of this one man and his money on American society goes largely unreported — or called “conspiracy theory.”

As does the fact that he’s transferred nearly $18 billion to OSF, now under the stewardship of his son Alexander (only 37). Which means that when the aging Soros dies, his influence and his empire will live on.