Fans Lose It After Spotting What Trump Handed Kid Rock During Sports Event

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A video of President Donald Trump is going viral after he appears to lose a bet to rock star Kid Rock at a UFC event in Miami.

Trump is well known for living a lifestyle completely free of alcohol and drugs.

However, given that Trump has owned numerous casinos, fans speculated whether Trump lost a bet to Kid Rock.

“Looks like Donald Trump lost a bet to Kid Rock,” one person commented.

It’s unclear exactly what occurred in the video clip.

Trump seems to reach into his back pocket to grab his wallet and placed money in Kid Rock’s hands.

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Naturally, anyone who has ever begrudgingly lost a bet recognized that agonizing wallet whip-out and assumed the former president had lost a wager during the pay-per-view event.

Of course, shy of Trump revealing what happened, there’s no way of knowing definitively whether he was paying up on a bet or telling Kid Rock to grab him a large popcorn on the way out of the arena.

That didn’t stop people online from having a field day of conjecture on what transpired — and what it might say about Trump’s character.