Reporter Confronts Trans Teacher After Being Seen Not Wearing Prosthetic Z-Cup Breasts

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Reporter David Menzies confronted controversial transgender high school teacher Kayla Lemieux at a shopping mall.

Lemieux, who is a biological male, dresses in female clothes and wears large Z-cup prosthetic breasts in front of the students, which has sparked outrage from parents.

Menzies noticed that Lemieux wasn’t wearing the massive fake breasts, which Lemieux once claimed were real.

“Mr. Lemieux, where are your breasts? I thought your breasts were real. Where are your breasts?” Menzies asked.

Lemieux claimed to be suffering from a rare condition called “gigantomastia” that makes breasts “excessively large.”

Menzies said, “I wanted to get to the bottom of those boobs if they were real or fake. We have the answer now, don’t we, folks? They are fake. They’re as fake as a $3 bill.”

Lemieux claimed “mammary glands” began forming around age 39 and eventually grew into Z-sized breasts.

Appearing on Fox News, Lemieux said, “Isn’t that fascinating because this is such a rare medical condition. The Cleveland Clinic knows of about 300 cases.”

“Oh, by the way, they are all biological females that have this case. This is how much of a medical marvel Lemieux is,” Lemieux said.

Menzies responded, “We saw him without those breasts. So it’s one of two things, isn’t it? He recently had those breasts amputated or he was lying.”

More from Fox News:

Lemieux has reportedly been put on leave by the Halton District School Board (HDSB) after being criticized by parents, students and activist groups for wearing tight-fitting clothing in class that showed off the prosthetic breasts.

The HDSB adopted a dress code policy after public outcry “to maintain appropriate and professional standards of dress and decorum in the classroom.”

The policy says its purpose is to “consolidate and affirm existing expectations regarding staff professionalism, including dress and decorum, at board and school settings and at school-based activities, focusing on the importance of demonstrating, through personal presentation, respect for public education and each student’s right to learn in a safe, inclusive and accepting environment.”

Menzies told host Tucker Carlson the video he shot of Lemieux coming out of the mall without wearing the Z-cup breasts was “like a gift from God” to the HDSB. “For them basically the thinking is this, Tucker, ‘we can’t do anything about him.’ It would be like firing a disabled teacher who was in a wheelchair that would bring in human rights legislation and penalties. So we have to make do with what we have,” he explained.