Tommy Lee’s Interview Ends Abruptly When Hosts Ask Which Of His Ex-Lovers Was ‘Best’

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During a recent radio interview, Tommy Lee appeared to have abruptly hung up when he was asked about his ex, according to Fox News.

During a segment on Triple M’s “Moonman in the Morning” radio show on June 18, the Mötley Crüe drummer was being interviewed about his life during the coronavirus pandemic, and his thoughts on the ongoing protests against police brutality.

However, when host Jess Eva fired off a question about his past dating life, the interview was suddenly cut short.

In a statement provided to Fox News, Lee’s publicist Jamie Roberts explained that she terminated the call after warning the hosts prior to the interview that she would do so if they ventured outside the agreed-upon topics.

“Like most publicists, I made them, and everyone else that interviews Tommy, aware of the numerous topics that Tommy would be interested in and willing to talk about. And I also told them that I would terminate the interview if they couldn’t play by the rules,” she told Fox News.

“They didn’t do their job. So I did mine. Of the 50 interviews we’ve done in the past week, they were the only ones who couldn’t keep it together. It’s unfortunate that they are blaming it on Tommy.”

Eva however, claimed to have no knowledge of the aforementioned rules.

“You are a hero to many men around the world because you’ve romanced some hotties in your time,” she said during the interview. “Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Pink, out of all your loves, who was the best one?”

In response, Lee quickly ended the call with a simple “Goodbye.”

“Did he just hang up on me?”

“What was I meant to ask him? He’s Tommy Lee, what was I meant to ask him, his favorite chocolate chip recipe?!” Eva said.

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Her co-host suggested that they got hung up on because she went into a “no-go zone.” Moments later, a producer informed them that Lee’s rep previously stipulated that he was not to be asked about his ex-wives.

Fortunately, Lee took it in stride and was willing to come back for the remainder of the interview. The hosts suggested that the satellite briefly cut out before they moved on with other questions without mentioning the awkward hang up.