‘Red Wolves’: Washington Redskins’ Fans Push New Name Replacement That Is Quickly Gaining Support

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The Washington Redskins are once again staring down the opportunity to have their name and mascot changed amid a push of cultural sensitivity.

Social justice warriors are going after the Redskins as they claim it is particularly offensive to the Native American population.

According to a new Washington Post poll, however, nine out of ten Native Americans said they were not offended.

“The survey of 504 people across every state and the District reveals that the minds of Native Americans have remained unchanged since a 2004 poll by the Annenberg Public Policy Center found the same result,” the Washington Post reports.

Never the less, enough people have complained and the Redskins organization is at least considering a change.

Currently leading the running is the name: The Washington Warriors.

“The Redskins are currently in the process of reviewing the team’s name, and there’s almost certainly a 100% chance it gets changed. It sounds like Warriors is leading the pack,” the Daily Caller reported earlier this week.

We wrote all about it here: Washington Redskins Have Reportedly Landed On New Name, Mascot

But another top contender is quickly gaining support among the team’s fans.

The Washington Red Wolves. 

And a Change.org petition has been started.

A bio on the website reads:

Redwolves are a beautiful, pure and strong animal that is currently an endangered species due to losing over 99.7 percent of its natural territory.

Redwolves are an “all-American” animal also, in the sense that they are only confirmed to inhabit the United States of America. The Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84 “Red Wolves” was a helicopter squadron of the United States Navy Reserve.

Along with the “Firehawks” of HSC-85, Red Wolves were only one of two squadrons in the US Navy dedicated to supporting Navy SEAL and SWCC Teams, and Combat Search & Rescue.

“If Washington were to change the name to Redwolves, they get an amazing Mascot that has ties of honor to the Military, along with showing support to an incredible animal that needs serious help stabilizing their population,” the bio adds.