Iran Comes Out and Claims Biden Cut Them Major Deal Behind Closed Doors

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The Iranian government claims the Biden Administration did not honor what it says was a prisoner swap both countries allegedly agreed to in Vienna, according to Western Journal.

Saeed Khatibzadeh, a spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote this information on social media on Sunday morning. Iran reportedly finds it “outrageous” that the United States was allegedly “denying [a] simple fact that ‘there IS an agreed deal on the matter of the detainees.” A State Department spokesman told Reuters, “There is no agreed deal yet.”

However, Iran wrote “Outrageous” = the US denying simple fact that “there IS an agreed deal on the matter of the detainees.” The release reportedly includes 10 prisoners on all sides. “Iran is ready to proceed TODAY” with the prisoner swap, the tweet said. Araghchi said that Iranwill conduct a 10-prisoner swap if the U.S. and the U.K. avoid linking the release of the prisoners with the nuclear deal negotiations.

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The Blaze reported that UFC star Jorge Masvidal slammed disgraced former NFL player Colin Kaepernick or praising Fidel Castro.

Jorge Masvidal is a Cuban American UFC fighter who opposed the communist regime of Cuba. Masvidal called it a “killing machine.” Masvidal shared a messaged on social media that reads, “American leftists who know nothing about real oppression & communism wear images of Castro… while Cubans living in the horrors of communism and real oppression are waving the American flag.” The post includes a photo from 2016 of Kaepernick wearing a t-shirt with Fidel Castro. Masvidal added, “Know ur history and facts cowards like this fool should be sent to live in Cuba see what they say after a day there.”

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Three of the Texas Democratic have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus after fleeing Texas to protest an elections integrity bill, according to Western Journal.

Now one Democratic Texas legislator, Rep. Gene Wu, has taken to Twitter to demand a national mask mandate. He wrote, “I assume that everyone ‘whistling past the graveyard’ and laughing about Democratic members testing positive have already been fully vaccinated and have no complaints about mandatory masking provisions again.” He continued, “Thank you for all the comments concerning masking. I’ll forward your request to Congress and the White House to ask that we reinstitute a national masking requirement.”

NEXT STORY: Federal Judge Rules DACA Unlawful

In Texas, a federal judge ordered an end to an Obama-era program that prevented the deportations of some immigrants brought into the United States as children, according to Western Journal.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen ruled in favor of Texas and eight other conservative states that had sued to halt the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Hanen is barring the processing of new applications. This reportedly limits Biden’s ability to keep the program in place despite his campaign promises. This is the second ruling by a federal judge in Texas stopping Biden’s immigration plans.

More from Western Journal:

Biden has already proposed legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people living in the U.S. without authorization. He also ordered agencies to make efforts to preserve the program… Supporters of DACA, including those who argued before Hanen to save it, have said a law passed by Congress is necessary to provide permanent relief. Hanen has said Congress must act if the U.S. wants to provide the protections in DACA to recipients commonly known as “Dreamers.”

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made millions of dollars by investing money into the stock market on companies she helps regulate, according to Newsmax investigative report by Glenn Greenwald.

Over the last 17 years, Pelosi’s wealth has reportedly increased to $115 million from $41 million. Most of her and her husband Paul’s wealth is due to “lucrative decisions about when to buy and sell tech stocks,” the report adds. Newsmax continues, “Over the last two years, almost 75% of the trading done by the Pelosis, more than $33 million, has been in Big Tech. Major legislation concerning the industry during the same time frame has been pending before the House, controlled by the committees that Pelosi oversees.”

Is there a conflict of interest? Greenwald says there is. As one example, buying and selling in Apple alone accounted for 17.7% of the Pelosis’ overall trading volume.

Pelosi is accused of having at least one private conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook during the same period of time, reportedly discussing how pending legislation to reform Silicon Valley could have an impact. Pelosi is reportedly the sixth wealthiest member of Congress. Read the full story at Newsmax.