Trump Drops Major Hint About 2024 After the FBI Raids His Private Home

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Hours after the FBI raided President Donald Trump’s private home in Mar-a-Lago, he released a campaign ad-style video on social media that includes a major hint about a possible 2024 White House run.

The 4-minute video concludes with six simple words that have everyone talking: “The best is yet to come.”

The video was uploaded in the wake of federal agents executing a search warrant at Trump’s home. The video also highlights the horrific failures of the Biden administration. Trump was in New York when the raid occurred.

Multiple sources report that Biden’s FBI conducted the raid because Trump allegedly took home confidential materials to his private residence after his presidency.

However, as president, Trump was the ultimate declassification authority. Nonetheless, Biden’s FBI carried out the raid and grabbed documents and boxes without going through them on the property. WATCH:

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The raid is widely viewed as another act of egregious political prosecution by Democrats and corruption within the FBI.

The FBI reportedly took boxes and documents to go through them later. They were not being judicious about what they took.

Recently, during an appearance on Fox News, Trump’s son Eric said, “I hope – and I’m saying this for the first time – I hope he goes out and beats these guys again. Because honestly, this country can’t survive this nonsense. It can’t.”

In the video, Trump says, “The tyrants we are fighting do not stand even a little chance because we are Americans and Americans kneel to God and God alone. And it is time to start talking about greatness for our country again.”

More on this story via Fox News:

The video begins with Trump painting America as “a nation in decline” and discussing a myriad of issues ranging from fallout from the withdrawal of Afghanistan to skyrocketing energy prices. It begins in black and white with the sound of an ominous thunderstorm in the background.

“We are a nation that allowed Russia to devastate a country, Ukraine, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and it will only get worse.,” Trump narrates. “We are a nation that has weaponized its law enforcement against the opposing political party like never before.”

The former president also implicitly criticized President Biden for distancing himself from Trump’s American First foreign policies.

“We are a nation that is allowing Iran to build a massive nuclear weapon and China to use the trillions and trillions of dollars it’s taken from the United States to build a military to rival our own,” Trump laments in the video. “We are a nation that over the past two years is no longer respected or listened to all around the world.”

Trump says that America, in many ways, has become a “joke.” The video takes a more uplifting turn as it goes from black and white to color. Trump says it is “hard-working patriots” who will save America.

“There is no mountain we cannot climb, there is no summit we cannot reach, there is no challenge we cannot meet,” the former president says as swelling orchestral music plays behind him. “We will not bend, we will not break, we will not yield.”