Democrat Cori Bush Gets Ripped Apart After Claiming ‘White Supremacists’ Shot at Her

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Radical “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri is under fire for claiming “white supremacists” shot at her during the Black Lives Matter riot.

In 2014, Bush said she marched in Ferguson and “white supremacists would hide behind a hill” and “shoot at us.”

“They never faced consequences,” she added.

If Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted, it will send the message that white supremacists “can get away with it,” Bush claimed.

When asked about this incident, Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall Jr. said he was not aware of any such activities occurring at the time.

“None that I’m aware of,” McCall Jr said.

There appears to be no record of the alleged incident, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

A spokesperson for Congresswoman Bush doubled down on the allegation, “While on the frontlines of the Ferguson Uprising, Congresswoman Bush and other activists were shot at by white supremacist vigilantes.”

“The question we need to ask is why white supremacists feel empowered to open-carry rifles, incite violence, and put black lives at risk across our country,” the spokesperson added.

Bush’s office has not offered any evidence of the alleged incident.

On social media, Bush’s claim is receiving major criticism as people doubt it ever happened.

Journalist Andy Ngo responded, “This is false and ignominious. Your colleagues should condemn you.”

“Jeffrey Williams was arrested, charged & convicted for that shooting during the protest/riots. He was aiming at police & shot two officers,” Ngo added.