Kyle Rittenhouse Receives Surprise ‘Thank You’ Gift from Gun Owners of America

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Gun Owners of America announced they are gifting Kyle Rittenhouse an AR-15 rifle in the aftermath of his acquittal after killing two men and wound a third in self-defense.

The group describes Rittenhouse as a “warrior for gun owners.”

“ALERT: GOA will be awarding Kyle Rittenhouse with an AR-15 for his defense of gun rights in America,” they wrote to Twitter.

“Join us in saying THANK YOU to Kyle Rittenhouse for being a warrior for gun owners and self defense rights across the country!” they added.

Erich Pratt, who is the senior vice president of Gun Owners of America, said, “The USA Today Editorial Board says people like Rittenhouse should not possess an AR-15-style rifle for protection, even though they are some of the most commonly owned sporting rifles in the country.”

“The Editorial Board wants people to think that AR-15s are somehow super deadly,” Pratt continues.

“But many hunting rifles fire bullets (such as .30-06 or .308) that are far larger in diameter and far more lethal than the .223 round fired by the AR-15.”

“The truth is that, according to the FBI, rifles like the AR-15 kill far fewer times than hands and feet, and fewer times than knives,” he wrote.

More from Western Journal:

The post then quoted Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, who prosecuted Rittenhouse,

In what it called the “most logically incoherent statement imaginable during the trial.

“You lose the right to self-defense when you’re the one who brought the gun,” Binger had said in his closing argument.

The Gun Owners of America post offered a translation.

“Here’s what he really wanted to say: you have no right to defend yourself with a gun,” the post said.

The organization is among those that have supported Rittenhouse.

The National Foundation for Gun Rights raised over $50,000 for Rittenhouse last year to help pay for his legal fees, according to Newsweek.