Elon Musk Triggers CNN’s Don Lemon With 2 Simple Words

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Elon Musk sent left-wing CNN host Don Lemon into a raging fury after informing Lemon that the “hands up, don’t shoot” mantra of Black Lives Matter was “made up.”

The myth began following the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. in 2014. The evidence and eye-witness testimony told a very, very different story.

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Brown was the aggressor with police in the deadly confrontation and he was not surrendering with his “hands up.”

CNN’s Lemon quickly grew furious over Musk’s remarks, claiming that they need “context.”

“Facts first,” Lemon told anyone still watching CNN.

“The DOJ did not find grounds to charge the officer but in a separate report that same day, it did find evidence of systematic racial discrimination in Ferguson at the hands of the city’s police department and municipal court,” Lemon said.

“So remember, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ after Ferguson became a nationwide protest symbol for police mistreatment of minorities,” Lemon argued.

“It was about more than the shooting of Michael Brown. It was about the pattern of police shootings and brutality in this country,” Lemon said.

Then Lemon stumbled over the teleprompter, saying, “And #StayWoke, which mocked – Musk mocked, was how Twitter wanted… called out racial justice, was how they wanted to call out racial injustice.”

Musk also recently found a closet full of “stay woke” t-shirts at Twitter HQ. He released a video for everyone to see what’s been happening behind closed doors at the social media giant accused of wrongfully censoring Americans.

“Found in closet at Twitter HQ fr [for real],” Musk wrote to Twitter.

The platform also wrongfully banned President Donald Trump, but Musk has since restored Trump’s account.

In the video, an unidentified person off-camera says they found “a secret closet” containing these t-shirts. Musk has fired most of the company’s staff in an effort to restore profitability as well as the public’s trust in the platform.

More from Fox News:

In the aftermath of Musk’s purchase of Twitter, several users criticized his push to allow “free speech” on the platform, as they claimed it would allow discrimination, insults, and fake news to flourish.

Others criticized Musk’s unbanning of prominent users like former President Donald Trump and the satirical website Babylon Bee.

He also cut over 75% of the staff and required those that remained to sign a pledge to work harder than ever to drastically change Twitter.

He also cut over 75% of the staff and required those that remained to sign a pledge to work harder than ever to drastically change Twitter.

These policy changes, among others to the company and platform, also caused an exodus of “hall monitor” journalists to Mastodon, a rival social media platform that allows users to create their own mini social media feeds.

Musk swiftly responded to Silver’s post, seemingly approving the move. “What could be more fun than a social network consisting entirely of hall monitors!?” he asked

In a separate tweet, he added: “Hope all judgy hall monitors stay on other platforms – please, I’m begging u.”