Lawsuit Drops New Claim About Who Benefited From Epstein’s Sex Ring

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A lawsuit filed by Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers argues that two banks benefited financially from his sex trafficking system: Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase.

JP Morgan Chase recently, and hypocritically, canceled Kanye West’s business bank account for an unknown reason, although it’s speculated that the company disagrees with West’s behavior on social media.

The two separate lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The lawsuit alleges that the banks are at fault for “assisting, supporting, facilitating, and otherwise providing the most critical service for the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking organization to successfully rape, sexually assault, and coercively sex traffic.”

Allegations have been denied by Deutsche Bank.

JPMorgan did not deny the allegations and said it will not comment on pending litigation, Fox News reported.

“We believe this claim lacks merit and will present our arguments in court,” a spokesperson for Deutsche Bank said.

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The women allege that complicity from the banks in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation was essential and gave the billionaire an “appearance of legitimacy.”

Epstein died in prison as while awaiting trial for sex trafficking. Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of Epstein, was found guilty of child sex trafficking in December.

The lawsuits come amid a one-year window established by New York where the statute of limitation deadlines for sex-crime lawsuits are waived, allowing victims to take legal action on old cases.