Democrat Becomes ‘Election Denier’ After Suddenly Discovered Votes Overturn Georgia Election Race

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Democrat Madelyn Orochena believed that she had won her race in Georgia and celebrated in an announcement on social media.

“Feeling excited and so grateful! It’s a win! See you Monday,” Orochena wrote.

However, she quickly became an “election denier” after the race was overturned following the discovery of missing votes on a memory card.

The uncounted votes on the memory card changed the election outcome in Cobb County, Georgia, officials say.

The votes swung the victory in favor of challenger Lynette Burnette.

Orochena is now demanding a recount and questioning the votes in her election loss.

The term “election denier” has become popular since President Donald Trump questioned the outcome of the 2020 election and the mass amount of mail-in votes.

YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms even banned and censored Americans for questioning the possibility of significant voter fraud in the 2020 election.

These same platforms hypocritically did not ban or censor similar concerns expressed by Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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“Unfortunately, once found we did upload it, and it changed the outcome of the Kennesaw City Council race,” Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler said.

Lynette Burnette, the winner of the Kennesaw City Council special election in Georgia

The memory card containing 789 uncounted ballots led to Burnette defeating Orochena by just 31 votes.

After Cobb County’s announcement, Orochena released a statement decrying the way the election was conducted.

“This is shameful. And our faith in our governing bodies continues to fail,” Orochena wrote.

After the election showing she lost the race, she demanded a recount. It is the largest recount that Cobb County has ever had.

“Even though it’s a city council race we have to scan every advanced ballot, so it’s 181-thousand or so ballots,” said Eveler. Orochena dispatched to Cobb County elections headquarters for the recount, but Burnette was not present. Over the weekend, her representative Neil Bitting told the Cobb County Courier that she will not be speaking to anyone until the election is settled.