Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Drops Major Bombshell While On National TV: Scrutinizes Jill Biden’s ‘Doctorate’ Degree

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Tucker Carlson claims “Jill Biden is not a doctor,” according to The Washington Examiner.

“No. Maybe in the same sense Dr Pepper is. In 2007, at the age of 55, she got a doctorate in education. So she’s got the same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby.”

“Don’t ask for advice on your coronary artery disease because she’s not actually a physician. She’s a doctor of education, which means basically nothing,” Carlson said.

“In other words, Jill Biden was diagnosed with a very bad case of status anxiety, and she decided to cure that, as so many do in our country, with another pointless title.”

Carlson claims that the Biden’s have “deep class insecurity.”

“What’s so hilarious is how unbelievably touchy they are,” Carlson continued. “They have no sense of humor about this. It’s like going up to a Panamanian general and asking where all those medals came from. You win a lot of battles, really? No, because they are self-awarded. … Nobody cares about Dr. Jill. This is a threat to their entire system of credentialism.”

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