Disturbed New York City Cathedral Shooter Suspect Exposes His Real Intentions — Intended On Taking Hostages

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Luis Vasquez, 52, had intentions of taking hostages, according to Fox News.

Allegedly, Vasquez was carrying a note in his pocket explaining that he planned to hold hostages until the U.S. government, banks, and corporations agreed to help poor people in Latin American countries.

The note further expressed that he did not intend to harm his hostages unless his demands were not met.

“U.S. regime which has committed robbery and more against the people of Latin America,” the note read.

The note divulged no details of how he planned to attain said hostages.

Vasquez had a criminal history that allegedly included a murder attempt.

At the time of the incident, Vasquez was carrying a backpack that contained a can of gasoline, rope, wire, tape, knives and a well-worn Bible.

From Fox News:

More recently, he was reportedly nabbed for fare-beating in 2007 and marijuana possession in 2012. The outlet reported some of the charges have since been sealed.

The concert had just concluded and a crowd of several hundred people was drifting away when the gunman started shooting, sending people running down Amsterdam Avenue, screaming and diving to the sidewalk.