VIDEO: DeSantis Releases ‘Top Gun: Maverick’-Style Campaign Ad

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Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is going viral with a new campaign advertisement based on the popular movie “Top Gun: Maverick.”

However, instead of “Top Gun,” DeSantis refers to himself as “Top Gov.”


On Monday, DeSantis released an ad taking aim at the corporate media.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your Governor speaking,” DeSantis says in the ad. “Today’s training evolution: dogfighting. Taking on the corporate media.”

“The rules of engagement are as follows: Number one, don’t fire unless fired upon, but when they fire, you fire back with overwhelming force.”

“Number two, never ever back down from a fight.”

More from IJR:

In another instance with a reporter, DeSantis is heard saying, “Wrong. It’s a fake narrative. I just disabused you of the narrative and you don’t care about the facts.”

Additionally, the ad shows DeSantis telling one reporter, “It’s why people don’t trust people like you because you peddle false narratives.”

As the ad comes to a close, DeSantis says, “Alright ladies and gentleman…”

His son appears, replying, “Let’s turn and burn!”

Earlier this month, Variety reported that “Top Gun: Maverick” passed “Titanic” as the seventh-highest grossing film ever domestically.

It has raked in $662 million in ticket sales.

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