Jill Biden Suffers Major Loss

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First Lady Jill Biden’s top aide, Rory Brosius, is hitting the road — for good.

It appears many people are attempting to distance themselves from the train wreck of the Biden-Harris administration with the 2024 election cycle quickly approaching.

It’s unclear exactly why Brosius is leaving as she refers to the job “a journey of a lifetime.”

A recent study found that the turnover rate of Biden’s top-level aides is the second highest in over 30 years, according to the Brookings Institution.

21 people who are part of Biden’s top “A-Team staffers” have quit in just two years.

13 key aides abruptly left Vice President Kamala Harris’ office amid alarming accusations of a toxic work environment.

Last month, Biden official Carla Frank left the White House. She worked as Biden’s deputy director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach.

Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain, communications director Kate Bedingfield and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh have all left.

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Rory Brosius, who has been running the Joining Forces project, announced her departure in a message to the military community, according to NBC. Sheila Casey, the wife of former Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, will take over when Brosius leaves later this month,

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“As a young military spouse walking into the East Wing to intern for Joining Forces in August of 2012 to joining the Biden-Harris Administration on day one to stand up Joining Forces, this has been the journey of a lifetime,” Brosius said in her message.

Joining Forces was created during the Obama administration to address the education and employment needs of military families and veterans.

Jill Biden said Brosius led the project “with grace, compassion and determination to support America’s military and veteran families, caregivers and survivors.”