President Donald Trump Takes Biggest Lead Yet As Indictment Backfires on Democrats

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The Democrats’ politically-motivated criminal indictment against President Donald Trump is backfiring worse than they ever imagined.

Over $8 million has poured into Trump’s campaign for re-election while he simultaneously skyrockets in favorability, according to new polls.

Just months ago, in January, Trump held an 11-point lead as the top Republican seeking to retake the White House. By April, the poll shows his popularity has tripled.

Trump now holds a staggering 33-point lead, according to the Morning Consult poll. These results prove that the majority of Republicans want to see Trump back in the White House.

Trump has a 56-23% advantage over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Mike Pence received 7% support from Republicans.

“That 33-percentage-point lead over the past several days marks Trump’s largest since Morning Consult’s tracking of the hypothetical matchup began in December,” the pollster said.

“The former president has overcome bad news and strengthened his position as the leading 2024 Republican candidate,” the poll found, despite the legal challenges from the New York state case against him.

“Potential Republican primary voters were 27 points more likely to hear something negative than positive about Trump recently, marking his worst showing in the buzz metric, even as he’s gained support and his favorability rating has ticked up following his New York City arraignment,” said the survey analysis.

Recently on Easter Sunday, President Trump proved once again that he takes no days off in the fight to save America from the destructive policies of the radical left.

Trump sent a message on Easter, the holiest day in Christianity, and took aim at Democrats who “dream endlessly of destroying our country.”

In all-caps, Trump said, “Happy Easter to all, including those that dream endlessly of destroying our country because they are incapable of dreaming about anything else, those that are so incompetent they don’t realize that having a border and powerful wall is a good thing, & having voter I.D.”

“All paper ballots, & same day voting will quickly end massive voter fraud, & to all of those weak and pathetic RINOs, radical left Democrats, socialists Marxists, & Communists who are killing our nation, remember, we will be back!” Trump concluded.

“President Trump takes no days off from fighting for the American people,” best-selling author Brigitte Gabriel responded. “Happy Easter!”

“Agree with every word. Thank you Donald Trump,” another person commented.

“MAGA please!” another person said.

“God bless this man,” one person stated.

“I love this,” another supporter responded.