Disturbing Video Surfaces of Hunter Biden Allegedly Smoking Crack — Watch For Yourself

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As the son of the president, this is an embarrassment for the country.

It has been widely reported by Business Insider and many others that Hunter Biden would admittedly smoke “more Parmesan cheese than anyone” while searching for crack cocaine. He would smoke “anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine.”

Our headline reads “allegedly” because Hunter may be smoking Parmesan cheese while mistaking it for crack. We know “fact-checkers” love to state the obvious and provide additional context. Regardless, Hunter Biden is clearly smoking something in this video and appears intoxicated.

Hunter also said that he once went 13 days without sleeping, “smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively throughout that entire time.”

Hunter’s wild lifestyle also led him to a strip club visit in 2018 that resulted in the conception of his 4th child.

Then Hunter spent a year denying that this child was his, but paternity tests proved otherwise. A judge ordered him to pay child support and for the state of Arkansas to re-write the birth certificate.

In 2016, Hunter managed to avoid crack cocaine charges despite allegedly returning a vehicle to Hertz rental car office in Arizona that contained his personal items, including his driver’s license and a crack pipe with a white powdery substance. The prosecutor’s office shamefully turned down the case.

Prescott police officers searched the car, took photos, and impounded the items. Detectives contacted the FBI, and two FBI agents soon showed up, the report states. Biden was “located by Secret Service” and deemed to be doing “well.”

Now videos are beginning to surface.

It comes as no surprise that Hunter is morally bankrupt, but graphic videos depicting his life make it even worse.

Where are the media reports and public outrage? Can you imagine if Donald Trump Jr. acted like this?

As sickening as it is, the Left continues to get a free pass. Watch for yourself:

*Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.*