Olympic Sprinter Refuses to Board Flight to Home Over Fears of Facing Punishment in Her Country

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24-year-old Belarusian sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya fears returning to her home country.

She refused to board a flight back home over the weekend, Fox News reported.

Team officials “made it clear” she would face discipline if she went back, the report adds.

This story shines a light on the disturbing practice embraced in some countries of punishing athletes who underperform at the Olympics.

Fortunately, Poland has granted her a humanitarian visa.

Tsimanouskaya says her coaches put her into an event she never trained for. She also says her coaching staff came to her room and told her to pack before hurrying her to an airport. They tried to put her on a plane back to Belarus, she claims.

“For now, the only thing that concerns me is my safety,” she says.

From Fox News:

Team officials “made it clear that, upon return home, I would definitely face some form of punishment,” she told the Associated Press. “There were also thinly disguised hints that more would await me.”

She hoped that she could continue her career once she found safety.

“I would very much like to continue my sporting career because I’m just 24, and I had plans for two more Olympics at least,” she said adding, “for now, the only thing that concerns me is my safety.”

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